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Collaborative & Innovative

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Diversity Students


Learning from the Best

We believe in empowering leadership development through the world's best practitioners and industry leaders. The iMaster program helps us prepare leaders with the intercultural skills to address the evolving global challenges and succeed in different fields.

Leadership Coaching

Elevating Your Game

We believe in 1-on-1 personalized coaching for our rising and next-gen leaders.  We take an innovative approach of "Reset ∙ Launch ∙ Elevate" to help talents reframe their intercultural identities.  By matching them with insightful coaches and individualized development plans, we help them create their unique leadership journeys.

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Women Holding Hands

International Youth Fellows

Cultivating Tomorrow's Leaders

Through this 6-month learning-by-doing Fellowship program, youth leaders will join APSDG's leadership team to effect changes in a professional work environment. International Youth Fellows will acquire the essential leadership skills to excel in the world's highest academic and professional environments. Exclusive access to international masters, industry experts, and Ivy League alumni will help open doors to a brighter future.

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