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Global SDG Leadership 

Cultivating Tomorrow's Leaders

This is a 3-in-1 virtual leadership program and a lifelong SDG community to learn from industry leaders and collaborate with cross-regional changemakers to craft practical solutions. The uniquely designed training comprises an iMaster Class, an Intercultural Capstone Project, and a Leadership Coaching Program. You will also receive individualized academic/career counseling, a Global SDG Leadership (GSL) certificate, and a recommendation letter upon successful program completion. As a GSL ambassador, you will have monthly access to US-Asia Startup Meetups, quarterly access to ESG Leadership Series, and annual "ePal" access to APSDG Board, mentors, and GSL Dean.

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Global SDG Leadership Program: Programs
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Global SDG Leadership (GSL)

3-in-1 Ultimate Personal Growth Program

Unparalleled Benefits:

  • Access to International Masters & Ivy League Alumni

  • Academic/Career Advising & A Recommendation Letter

  • A Cross-Regional Network of Internship & Career Opportunities

  • Real-World Consulting Experience

  • A Leadership Certificate for Top-Tier Universities & Careers 

Global SDG Leadership Program: List

iMaster Class

Powering Your Dream

a 8-week virtual learning program to explore the fundamentals of authentic narratives and the tools for high-impact business stories. Learn from Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and Hollywood executives to design, prototype and test out your story ideas!

Intercultural Capstone

Learning by Doing

a 12-week virtual capstone program to collaborate in a small group (1:8) and learn in real-world settings. Program Faculty and Capstone Advisor will share powerful tools and cross-cultural insight to guide you through impact re-design and solution development for nonprofits.

Leadership Coaching

Elevating Your Game

a 12-week one-on-one coaching program to match you with a Leadership Coach and two mentors of top academic and professional backgrounds for personalized coaching. Unique insight will be provided to help you reframe your intercultural identity and cultivate key skills, bringing out your best!


An all-star team of international masters, industry experts and Ivy League alumni is here to teach, coach and inspire participants via intimate virtual settings (small groups or 1-on-1).  Visit the respective program & faculty pages to learn more about our distinguished faculty, coaches, and mentors.

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Program Format: Virtual - Interactive Zoom Sessions | iMaster Class (1.5 hours x 8 weeks) + Intercultural Capstone

(1.5 hours x 12 weeks) + Leadership Coaching (1 hour x 12 sessions) 

Program Fees: US$6,699 ($4,999 early registration discount thru 4/15)

Designed For: College Students & High School Leaders (16-24 y/o young adults)

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Global SDG Leadership Program: Text
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